Setting up Python Environment-SQLite

For applications involving data storage and usage, we need a Database. SQLite is a simple yet very useful SQL database engine. It can be downloaded from the website –

There is a very nice description of when to consider using SQLite database and when to consider client server databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL here –

I installed SQLite on my Linux Mint using the below command on terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sqlite

In order to create database, tables, views etc, you may use a DB client for SQLite DB called SQLiteStudio from –

All you need is download, unpack and run the app.

As you can see from below screenshots, there are are many number of good features available in SQLite like, Constraints, Indexes, Triggers, Views etc.

Data can be inserted using the user interface

Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-28-43Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-31-17Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-33-46

Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-40-49.png